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Music in the Key of My Life is a testimony of my life. I remember the days of sleeping inside of Smalls Jazz Club 7th Avenue/ 10 street in NYC, waiting for customers to leave around 5 am so I can practice. At the time, I couldn't afford a piano, so Mitch Borden, the owner (at that time), would allow me to stay in the club to practice.  When I wrote the music to this CD, I thought about how "God has smiled on me" over the years from my Las Vegas and New York City days until now. Although this is my arrangement of an old gospel song written by the great gospel singer James Cleveland, the song tells the story of my life.


My life has been through many changes. Each song describes moments of my life. Leaving New York City with a wife and daughter with only $200 in 2009, "Coming home," another piece on the CD, sets the stage for a very disappointing time in my life. The song played with lots of emotions.


Also, the CD was filled with Classical, Jazz Gospel music. The genres of music I have studied in the last 40 years of my life.

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